I now weigh 50.4 kg and I’m pretty sure I haven’t weighed that little since year 10.

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i remember that time i woke up and there was a parcel on my desk from you, you bought me lolita because you knew how much i wanted to read it. 

I remember when we walked through toyworld and laughed and played bop it and held hands and i’d never had so much fun in a toyshop before. 

I remember when i went to your football game and i froze and the entire time i just wanted to be able to hold you and have you keep me warm. 

I remember how you always wanted me to be a part of your life, how you introduced me to your friends so early and made me feel so important.

I remember how well you handled my family the first time you met them, how you played hide and seek with all my cousins and spoke to my dad and watched me play piano like i was the best thing in the world. 

I remember how you walked around the botanic gardens with me all day taking photos, helping me with an assignment i’d left drastically to the last minute. 

I remember when we searched for a shop that sold ice cream and toothbrushes late one night and then we left the ice cream out when we went to sleep. 

I remember never wanting to let you go when you left for work every morning. 

I remember getting excited every time i heard a car when you were coming over. 

I remember when we changed our relationship status on facebook and i kept going to your page just so i could see the words “in a relationship with you.”

I remember you meeting my brother and being instantly amazing with him. 

I remember meeting your family and being terrified and so unbelievably shy, but i loved watching you interact with them, how happy and carefree you seemed. 

I remember that monday night where we stayed up all night talking and doing other things, i remember how much i wanted to know you and how much i wanted to share my life with you.

I remember being so impatient for our first date, and so nervous but it was perfect. 

I remember driving to stansbury with you, feeling so excited and so terrified, not wanting the car to stop because i’d have to impress your family and i was so scared of letting you down. 

I remember how excited you were when we got there and how happy and relaxed you seemed, it was so amazing to get to see where you’d had so many memories.

I remember when we picked up panda and she was the cutest little thing that ever existed, how we lay in bed that night watching her and wanting to cuddle her to death.

I remember waking up every day in queensland feeling so happy and content, making breakfast with you and watching the sun rise.

I remember walking around the city with you each night, feeling like it was just us in the world. 

There are so many memories that flood back every time I think of you, and it kills me that i hurt you and jeopardised our future. All i want is the chance to make a thousand more memories with you. 

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if u can do liquid eyeliner u can do anything

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"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes."

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